Database Connection String

Summary: Config the Database Connection String using IIS or Web.config

Topic Last Update: 12/21/2017 3:03:15 PM


In order to config the DynThings Database connection string, you have to set the web.config file manually, or using IIS user interface.

Before You Begin

Ensure that DynThings database has been deployed and the Platform also has been deployed on this machine.

To Configure Database connection Manually 

  1. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the physical folder that contains the DynThings Web deployment (usually in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<Your DynThings Folder>)
  2. As Administrator, open the file Web.config using notepad or any other text editing software
  3. Search for <connectionStrings> tag and update both "DefaultConnection" & "DynThingsEntities" with your SQL server database connection info.

To Configure Database connection using IIS User 

  1. Using IIS navigate to your DynThings Web Application from the left panel.
  2. Double click on "connection string".
  3. Update both "DefaultConnection" & "DynThingsEntities" with your SQL server database connection info.


As per SQL connection string, you should fill the "data source" field as Server name or IP Address, and "initial catalog" field as the Database name.