EndPoint Types

Summary: Define the required EndPoint Types

Topic Last Update: 12/16/2017 8:25:41 AM

Before You Begin

You should understand the EndPoint type definition, in case you don't, please navigate to this page.

You should have the required Media Files predefined.  page

Manage Your Endpoint Types

1- Open DynThings Web Portal.

2- Using the navigation panel, click on "EndPoint Types" under the "Categories" section.

3- Click on "New" to create new EndPoint type, or click on "Edit" button beside the EndPoint type that you want to modify.

4- Fill the required info as the following:






The title of the selected endpoint, usually describe the title of the sensor (or actuator) such as Temperature, Humidity, Volts, Rounds per Minute.



The measurement unit such as C, %, V, Rpm

Type Category

Drop down (Single choice)

Must select one of the following:

- Input Only

- Output Only

- Complex


Drop down (List of Media Files)

The desired icon should be predefined in "Media Files" section.

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