Summary: Define the required Locations and map it with Things.

Topic Last Update: 12/16/2017 8:22:41 AM


This topic provides a step-by-step procedure to create and manage locations.

Before You Begin

You should understand the "Locations", in case you don't, please navigate to this page.

You should have the required Media Files predefined.  page

Manage Your Thing Types

1- Open DynThings Web Portal.

2- Using the navigation panel, click on "Locations" under the "Management" section.

3- Click on "New" to create new Location, or click on "Edit" button beside the Location that you want to modify.

4- Fill the required info as the following:

Main Tab






The title of the selected Location, usually describe the area where you want to keep an IoT device, such as "Building 259", "Warehouse 14".

Is Active

Check Box

 Keeping the checkbox disabled will hide the location in all related views.

Geo Location Tab

Using the map view, click on the map to specify the location GEO coordinates, also you can set the coordinates using the "Latitude" & "Longitude" textbox.

Please note that the map view requires an internet connection and Bing Map account should be preconfigured as per this Article

Things Tab

You have to attach Things to Location to make the attached things available in Location's View mode. Use the "Import" tool to attach the things, also you can deattach the preselected Things using the "Deattach" button.