Submit Input Data from Devices

Summary: Submit input data from your devices to DynThings using HTTP protocol

Topic Last Update: 4/23/2019 2:42:58 PM


This topic provides a step-by-step procedure to submit data from devices to DynThings.

You should use the mentioned steps below to submit the collected data from your sensors to DynThings, this part is not for sending commands from the platform to your devices.

Currently, DynThings support HTTP protocol only.

Before You Begin

You should have DynThings platform up & running without any  issue, including:

DynThings Web Portal.

At least, You must have 1 endpoint predefined in DynThings.

Submit Data

To submit the data to DynThings platform, first you have to identify the API URL, which is usually:

<your DynThings deployment url>/api/thingsio/SubmitEndPointInput?keypass=<EndpointKeyPass>&value=<ValueFromSensor>

Just replace the following: 

<your DynThings deployment url>: Your DynThings deployment Url should be similar to: http://localhost/dynthings.web/    OR

<EndpointKeyPass>: based on the endpoint (sensor) that you want to use should be similar to:  1cfb97d0-5a7d-443f-9d25-ee143d2f6465

<ValueFromSensor>: the value which you want to submit, should be similar to:  25