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Topic Last Update: 12/25/2017 10:16:21 AM

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The Endpoint Management gap

IoT platforms are tools used to manage IoT devices, sensors and actuators such as firmware, configurations and transmit data in both ways (from & to device), analyze the received data to automate some of the implementation’s processes and deliver live dashboards and reports.
Some platforms are developed by the hardware manufacturers to support their own products, like “Arduino Create” to manage Arduino boards, and some platform are developed by Cloud services providers such as “Amazon AWS IoT” and “Microsoft Azure IoT suite” to implement solutions which can be deployed on the provider cloud services only, which make it hard to be adopted by some enterprises and government entities, ministry of defense is a great example. Moreover, considering all platforms are designed for developers and administrators only, developers should develop a Client-side solutions with friendly user-experience (UX) for end-users, we called this gap “The endpoints management gap”.

Is it Suitable for me ?

DynThings is an open source IoT platform, designed for administrators, developers and end-users to fill the endpoints management gap, and since it’s not developed by a hardware manufacturer or a cloud services provider, the platform can be deployed on any hosting provider, or internally on premises which make it suitable for security concerned organizations. 
To ensure the best platform architecture, the design starting point is built based on end-user’s needs such as the ability to “assign a sensor to a different object”, and move forward to administrators and developers’ needs respectively. To evaluate the platform architecture, a list of top 20 IoT scenarios (fleet management, buildings management, smart farms management, …) has been put in place to evaluate the designed architecture usability, scalability and extensibility.

DynThings is designed for solutions with GeoLocation distributed Devices and Sensors such as "Smart Farms" and "Smart Buildings", however, using DynThings for a single location distributed devices such as "Smart House" or "Smart Building" is doable but you will lose the value of using the "Map View" since all the devices are in a single place and a single pushpin on the MapView.

Why DynThings ?

DynThings will perfectly fit with you if you have at least one of the following cases:

Organization or project with a limited budget: DynThings is a free open source full platform includes both Administrators & End-users portals and mobile applications. 

Organizations who want to OWN the platform: This is not a cloud only solution, you can host it wherever you want without any limitation.

IoT data gathering for temporary statistics projects: Since it's free, easy and simple, even students can use it for temporary data-gathering projects.

IoT projects with geolocation distributed devices: The platform is designed to support multiple time zones for different devices.

Organizations with Microsoft infrastructure and Ecosystem: Built completely on top of Microsoft Technologies, and can integrate with Microsoft ecosystem.