Summary: Define the required EndPoints.

Topic Last Update: 12/16/2017 8:23:59 AM


This topic provides step-by-step procedures to create and manage EndPoints.

Before You Begin

You should understand the EndPoints, in case you don't, please navigate to this page.

Manage Your Thing Types

1- Open DynThings Web Portal.

2- Using the navigation panel, click on "EndPoints" under the "Management" section.

3- Click on "New" to create new EndPoint, or click on "Edit" button beside the EndPoint that you want to modify.

4- Fill the required info as the following:

Main Tab:






The title of the selected EndPoint, must be unique, such as "1st floor water Level".


Drop Down (List of EndPoint Types)

The desired EndPoint's Type should be predefined in "EndPoint's Types" section.

more info


Drop Down (List of Devices)

Select the Device that will be attached to the selected EndPoint.


Drop Down (List of Things)

Select the Thing that will be attached to the selected Thing.

Is Numeric

Check Box

Activate this options if you want to let the platform treats all endPoint IOs as numbers. Text values will not be accepted.

Min & Max Values


The minimum & maximum accepted value for this endpoint. The platform will not expect to receive any value out of this range.

Min & Max Range


The minimum & maximum standard value for this endpoint. The platform will expect to receive any value regardless of this range.


History Tab:

History tab will provide you with a simple IOs history table, There is no data entry in this section.

Commands Tab:

This tab will show a list of EndPoint's Commands, you can navigate to Command's details or executing the commands by clicking on "Execute" button.

Connectivity Tab:

Connectivity tab will provide you with a simple Endpoint IOs connectivity charts, which can be very usful for debuging in developement phase, and to monitor the EndPoint's CpH in production mode.

Developer Area Tab:

Developer Area tab will provide you with both Endpoint GUID & Key Pass, which are requierd to map the connectivity between DynThings platform and your devices.