DynThings architecture

Summary: Understanding DynThings platform architecture

Topic Last Update: 12/25/2017 11:05:53 AM

DynThings Architecture

DynThings use "VLTDE"  (View-Location-Thing-Device-Endpoint) model which explain the entire concept behind DynThings.

DynThings refer to both Sensors & actuators by "EndPoint", which means that an EndPoint could have the following related records:

  • Input record if the EndPoint was a Sensor. example: (26) temperature sensor
  • Output record if the EndPoint was an Actuator. example : (Turn_On) command to turn on the Pump
  • Log record In both cases. example: (Booting) status log from EndPoint. 

One or more EndPoints must be attached to one Device such as Raspberry PI or Arduino.

One or more Devices must be attached to one Thing such as Pump1 or Engine Temperature Sensor.

One or more Thing can be attached to one or more Location such as Flat48, Building55 or Northern Gate.

One or more Location can be attached to one or more View such as Street84, CityView or CountyView.